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About Norfolk Island

Fascinating History - A Short Intro

One of the first places you’ll want to visit will be Norfolk Island’s World Heritage Site (Kingston and Arthur’s Vale Historical Area – KAVHA). Swim and snorkel in our extraordinary lagoon. Take a tour or take your time wandering through the curious museums that tell the incredible stories of the island’s various settlements. There are beautiful art galleries where you can pick up a keep-sake. Fletcher’s Mutiny Cyclorama is a must-see 360º painting created by local artists detailing the world’s most infamous mutiny.

Useful Info

Do I really need a hire car on Norfolk Island?

When visiting our beautiful island, hiring a car is essential! Although Norfolk Island is a small island, there is no public transport and the island is very hilly. Hiring a car will give you the freedom to explore and fully appreciate our beautiful island, its undulating rural topography, country roads and quaint byways, leading to the beach, rainforest parks, picnic reserves and staggering cliff top panoramas.

Open Map of the Island

The ‘Norfolk Wave’

The ‘Norfolk Wave’ in all its various forms is seen every time you pass another vehicle; yes we acknowledge each other with the raising of a finger, a thumbs up, or the full blown hand wave. Bus drivers, public service vehicles and even the police will give you the friendly Norfolk Wave; please join with us in this island tradition and enjoy the camaraderie of feeling connected.

Sharing the Road with Cows

Moo-ve over because on Norfolk Island, you share the roads with local cows and they have right of way. Whilst you may at first find it odd and a little intimidating you will quickly adjust to driving with cows wandering freely on our roads. Please be aware that we allow them right of way and in return they keep the roadside cropped and tidy. The speed limit on Norfolk varies but must not exceed 50km/h anywhere. Be especially attentive around the school zone (limited to 30km/h) and through the township at 40km/h. 

Our Island Gem

Where is Norfolk Island?

Located in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean between New Zealand and New Caledonia, Norfolk Island is a relatively unknown hidden gem. It is only a 2.5 hr flight from the Australian mainland or 1.5 hr from New Zealand. Qantas operates direct flights from Brisbane and Sydney, and Air Chathams offers some direct flights from Auckland.

When should I visit?

A question that we get asked every day! Fortunately Norfolk Island enjoys an agreeable sub-tropical climate. To experience Norfolk Island’s best weather, visit during the months of October to March. The warmest months, are January, February and March. However, Norfolk Island is lucky to have an amazing calendar of events spread across the entire year to plan your trip around.

What is there to do on Norfolk Island?

Although a small island, Norfolk Island is packed with things to see and do. Many tours and guided experiences are available from local operators that can explore the rich history of our island like a walking tour of World Heritage Kingston, or explore our picturesque environment with a bird watching tour, or taste our island’s unique cultural food at an Island Fish Fry. In addition to organised tours, there are lots of things to do independently. Make sure you check out Emily Bay, a stunning lagoon enjoyed by visitors and locals alike.

Where Should I Stay

Our team highly recommends local accommodations like:

Respect our Beautiful Island

When out and about, there is an unwritten protocol to either place rubbish in the receptacles provided around our streets, parks and reserves or take it home. Everyone appreciates the resulting pristine environment in all its natural beauty. 

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